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Individual lashes are applied to each of your natural lashes transforming your eyes tremendously after a single session. For a service that is as unique as you are, the lash choices are geared to suit your eyes only. We combine a variety different lash thicknesses, lengths and curl to your eye lashes.


The application process for lash extensions normally takes anywhere from 45 min. – 3.5 hours with someone who is experienced doing these. While you are receiving this relaxing service you will lay comfortably on a massage table with your eyes closed. Your professional Eyelash Artist will then apply an under eye gel pad to cover your lower lashes . Then the extensions will be applied to each individual eyelash on a hair by hair basis.

Eyelash extensions are available in a number of lengths and thickness. We normally consult with you first to see what type of style you are interested in. We also determine what your lashes can hold in regards to size. Each person’s lashes will vary in strength and length. We take this into consideration when creating a look for you. The overall look of the lashes is very natural.