EyeLash Pricing


Flirt, 175

1.5  hr

~ 30 eyelash extensions per eye*

Applying lashes to the outside corner of your eyes creates a feminine and fun effect. Women that want to add a little oomph to their lashes will love the Flirt. This service adds length just where it counts most, creating that oh-so-sexy cat-eye effect. Perfect for a special evening, weekend in Vegas, a friend’s wedding, or vacation.



Transformation, 225

2.5  hr

~ 60 eyelash extensions per eye*


Your Lash Artist will create a custom design for your eyes and apply enough lashes to almost forget about mascara, eyeliner, and curlers altogether*. More than just replacing your traditional routine, you’ll see yourself in a whole new way. Your eyelashes will be thicker, darker and perfectly curled resulting in eyes that are open, youthful, and inviting.


Couture, 300

3 hr

~ 90 eyelash extensions per eye*


Elevate yourself above the norm. Achieve something simply impossible to create with any other types of products, tools, or treatments. Your professional stylist will incorporate advanced, cutting edge techniques to create a look that will leave you simply stunned. Perfect for brides, or a woman that wants nothing but the best, a custom design will be created to address your brow line, eye shape, spacing, slope, and setting. Your eyes will look more brilliant than you ever imagined.



Refresh, 80

1 hr

~ 20-40 eyelash extensions per eye*


Preserve your enhanced beauty and confidence. Your eyelashes will naturally and gradually fall out, making it important that you regularly refresh your extensions. We recommend experiencing a Refresh every two to three weeks. Some clients may find they only need a refresh once a month.

Refresh appointments are available to clients with at least 20 remaining eyelash extensions per eye.


Invigorate, 135

1.5 hr

~ 30-50 eyelash extensions per eye*


You asked for it, and we’ve responded. We now offer an extended refresh service to meet the demands of your busy schedule. If it’s been longer than 21 days since your last service, we’ve got some catching up to do with mother nature; please sign up for the Invigorate so we will have the time to get you looking better than ever! The Invigorate is fantastic for anyone at any time; if you’re looking to step up your lashes to a fuller or more dramatic look, this is the touch-up service for you.

Invigorate appointments are available to clients with at least 10 remaining lash extensions per eye. Not much left? Treat yourself to a beautiful new set of lashes with a Transformation or Couture Lash Service.


Removal and Repairs, 50 +

We are happy to remove your eyelash extensions or freshen up a previous stylist’s work. Our highly trained professional will work to your specifications to create the right look for you and help you achieve a healthier, more beautiful lash line.

If you already have lash extensions from another stylist, we require a consultation before scheduling your initial service in order to assess your current lash extension design and application.